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Doris Duke’s Shangri La

The Shangri-La residence was the Honolulu home to the late American philanthropist Doris Duke, situated on a five acre property that overlooks the Pacific Ocean and Diamond Head.  The Shangri-La integrates a 14,000 sq ft home, a Playhouse, Salt Water Pool, indoor and outdoor rooms, gardens, terraces, and many water features.  The Shangri-La is also home to Duke’s collection of Islamic art.  Built in 1937, the residence underwent major restoration and renovation to rekindle the vibrancy it once had years ago.  View the links below to learn more about the renovations MEH has completed.  Due to the delicate nature of the artwork located throughout the estate, restoration was performed in multiple phases.

Shangri-La is nationally recognized for its high artistic value and is one of Oahu’s most architecturally significant homes.  MEH teamed up with Mason Architects, Inc., a leader in perfecting the architectural heritage of Hawaii. We provided various mechanical services for each renovation which included plumbing system design, salt water pool system engineering studies, filtration systems, and HVAC design.