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Iolani School – Multipurpose Building

Iolani School is a private, college preparatory, co-educational school with a total enrollment of 1800 students in grades K-12.  The multipurpose building contains classrooms, stadium seating, a parking garage, and a central ice plant.

Architectural elements of sustainable design include aluminum light shelves and light pipes to bring natural daylight into the space.  Daylight sensors monitor the natural light to control use of the lighting fixtures, and occupancy sensors eliminate unnecessary lighting in unoccupied spaces.  High performance glazing in the facility maximizes the visible light transmittance while minimizing solar heat gain.

With a partial ice storage system, the chiller provides both ice-making at night, normal cooling during the day to take advantage of off-peak utility rates, and an improved load factor due to the reduction in the daily peak demand.  The VAV air handlers and ice storage systems are controlled by a direct digital control EMS system.