APRA Harbor and NCTS Finegayan (Guam)

Amendment No. 4 to NAVFAC Pacific’s Program Management/Design Management Services contract to support implementation of the DPRI on Guam. Managing performance of utilities and site improvements (U&SI) for two sites in Guam, Apra Harbor and NCTS Finegayan.

The Apra Harbor improvements will upgrade the existing utilities to support the Marine Corps embarkation capability package on Guam. The project will provide shore side utility improvements including Bilge Oily Waste Transfer System (BOWTS), steam, compressed air, potable water, power, communications, wastewater, fire alarm and hydrants.

The NCTS Finegayan site prepares the Finegayan USMC Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (BEQ) area for future construction. The project will include site preparation, arterial access and perimeter roads, street lighting, electrical distribution, water distribution, wastewater collection lines, and communication distribution system lines. The project will also include gate houses for a commercial vehicle gate and a main gate to control access to the site.