Cutter Chevrolet Dealership Showroom Renovation

Cutter Chevrolet Car Dealership is located in Honolulu, Hawaii and sells and services new and used cars.  The renovation includes updates and repairs to the sales/showroom/business offices, parts department, warehouse/manager’s office, service lane/shop area, and detail wash bay area.


The scope of work for the renovation includes revamping the building’s interior and exterior premises to better serves its occupants and potential clientele.  A new high efficiency, energy air saving air conditioning system will replace the existing wall units to improve air circulation and cooling elements needed to maintain a comfortable environment.  The HVAC equipment will be supplied by Big Ass Fans to provide the most energy efficient cooling system for the renovated spaces.

Due to the multi-functional spaces of the building, all plumbing fixtures will be replaced with ADA compliant fixtures for the water closets, lavatories, urinals and showers.  More importantly an oil water separator will be installed in the new car wash drainage system to handle all run off and waste materials in this area.  Fire sprinkler systems may also be installed dependent on the expansion of the renovated spaces and grandfather laws regarding fire sprinkler installments.


MEH provided mechanical services for this renovation project which included HVAC, plumbing and fire protection systems. f