Farrington High Schools Long Range Development Master Plan, Phase 1

The first phase of the Master Plan aimed to improve the school’s facilities up to 21st-century education standards. A new track and field (T&F) and athletic locker/shower (AL/S) facility will be implemented into the initial phase of the Master Plan project. The new facility will provide a synthetic turf field, six-lane polyurethane track, 2,500-seat home bleacher system with the option for an additional 500-seat visitor bleacher section. Improved drainage and accessibility (including ADA), a new AL/S building (under the home bleachers), a new storage building, and ticket booths also will be provided.


The Department of Education (DOE) has budgeted approximately $13 million for Phase I. This project will be based on nine phases including demolition, renovation, and new structures over a 10- to 15-year period.


Mechanical Engineers of Hawaii (MEH) has been responsible for all mechanical systems consisting of plumbing, air conditioning and ventilation, fire protection, and sustainable design. CHPS criteria will provide the guidelines to create an energy efficient and sustainable campus for the future.