Honolulu International Airport Explosive Detection System

This proposed $80 million project will provide in-line Explosive Detection System (EDS), including modifications/improvements to the existing Baggage Handling System and facilities. Phase I includes Lobbies 1, 2 and 3 and was completed in 2008. Phase 2 involves the remaining lobbies and is scheduled for completion in 2013. The EDS systems, located within the baggage breakdown or make-up areas which are not accessible to the public, will provide 100% screened baggage for the Honolulu International Airport.

Work also includes an electrical vault, On-Screen Resolution (OSR) Room, and interline facilities. The areas of improvement included bag rooms, adjacent areas of the commuter and interisland terminals and selected areas within the overseas terminal and transportation courtyard.

MEH provided mechanical design and fire protection services which included the design of the ticketing/check-in counters and conveyor belts located in the baggage claim area of the Honolulu Airport. Apron level conveyors from the existing ticketing level were installed to feed to the basement level, baggage make-up system.

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