Hydroponic Greenhouses

MEH is responsible for providing engineering services for the construction of 10 new greenhouses (20,000 SF each) on 8 acres of land.  The greenhouses are automated hydroponic greenhouses that use modern agronomics and technology to maximize food/plant production and profitability.  These sustainable greenhouses are designed to grow commercial quantities of hydroponic, pesticide/herbicide/residue-free, pathogen-free, green leafy vegetables, herbs, and vine plants, while making optimal use of resources, such as water, energy, labor, and land.  Planting, harvesting, and packaging is at a semi-automated level; performed in a climate-controlled environment; and monitored by an advanced computerized control center, thus reducing the need for costly manpower and training.

The main greenhouse includes an Office Building (in the middle of the 10 total greenhouses).  The Office Building consists of Offices, a Kitchen, and a Conference Room.  The majority of the Office Building has Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.  Other spaces in the Office Building include the Laboratory, Cold Storage Room, and Packing Room.  The laboratory is used for research, the cold storage room is used to chill the produce after harvesting, and the packing room is used to prepare the produce for shipment.

MEH is providing design services for the HVAC and Plumbing Systems for the Office Building, including VRF systems for cooling the offices and industrial refrigeration systems for the Cold Storage and Packing Rooms.