Manoa Public Library

The Manoa Library was a $10.3 million project that was recently opened this year (2012). The library has been expanded four times its original size and has three times the capacity for books, CDs and other materials. Eighteen (18) new laptops have been added for public use and ten (10) additional desk spaces each with electric outlets are available for personal laptops.

There are 48 solar panels on the south side of the building which are estimated to supply 16.6 percent of the energy used by the library. High-performance window glass, which reflects heat from the outdoors and helps keep the building’s interior cool, was installed to work with reflective surfaces called horizontal light shelves, which draw more natural light into the building. A 3,000-gallon catchment tank was installed under the parking garage to collect rainwater from the roof. The water will be used strictly for irrigation
of the plants on the property, which are all endemic, indigenous or carried to Hawaii on Polynesian canoes.

MEH worked with Architecture Plus, Inc. to integrate such “green” energy efficient features with the hope of winning Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, certification. MEH was also responsible to provide engineering services for HVAC, plumbing, and ventilation systems.