Moanalua High School, Performing Arts Center

The project is to design additional new spaces to the existing Performing Arts Center (PAC) at Moanalua Highschool.  The existing building consisted of Teacher’s Offices/Library, Storage Room, Rehearsal Hall, and Practice Rooms.  The new additional spaces of the PAC consists of a Choral Room, Dance Studio, Teacher Offices and an expansion of the Instrument Repair Room and Storage Rooms. This will provide the much needed space for the expanding music and drama departments.


MEH provided Mechanical Design for the installation of a new Air Conditioning System.  New technologies were incorporated into the design such as use of fabric ducts for better air distribution and ionization filters which reduces the amount of outside air that enters into the building, resulting in cleaner air and reducing energy consumption.  A solid interceptor is incorporated below the sink, which prevents any debris from entering the drain pipe and prevents clogs.  Automatic Fire Sprinkler heads were installed throughout the building and incorporated above and below sound clouds for complete fire protection coverage.


Construction for this project is on-going, and is designed to HI-CHPS standards.