PBS Studio A Renovation

PBS Studio is a non-profit television studio that broadcasts public service announcements regarding community events, emergency warnings, etc.  This $30 million project renovation includes a total expansion of approximately 30,000 S.F.  The existing one-story building will make way for a second floor extension, a television studio, smaller interview studio, emergency broadcast center, media innovation center and an office building.


MEH provided HVAC and duct work services providing the client with different alternatives to suit the building’s overall function and client needs.  MEH recommended replacing the plenum distribution system or improving the SA and RA distribution system into a ducted system.  The ducted system will allow the air to be more temperature controlled and amount regulated within the unit to ensure occupancy comfort as compared to a plenum system.


Fire protection recommendations were also provided by MEH as required by the building code.  A wet fire sprinkler type system will also be integrated into the design of the project.