Reduce Low Pressure Air Use at Various Buildings , Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard

MEH served as Prime Consultant on this project and was responsible for providing engineering design, specification editing and PCAS services.  Many buildings at PHNSY & IMF are served by an existing central compressed air system.  As an energy conservation measure, this project calls for the installation of programmable logic control (PLC) pressure flow control stations at various buildings.


The purpose of this new PLC station is to reduce air pressure use during idle periods of time, when no productive air use exists within the building.  Buildings 214, 5/5A, 1456, 1670, 1770, 68, 72, 13, 1725 and 1443 are included in this project, for a total of 10 buildings.  Existing compressed air lines needed to be modified as required to accommodate the new PLC pressure flow control stations.