RM-506 Building 9 Renovation at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard & IMF

This Design-Build project involved the renovation and modernization of the existing Building 9 located at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard. Renovations and upgrades included interior and exterior conditions, hazardous material management, hydraulic & plumbing systems, HVAC systems, electrical power systems, communications, bathrooms, and fire protection and fire alarm systems.  Sustainable design features were also integrated into the building to meet the U.S Green Building Council’s LEED® Silver level.


Mechanical design work included repairs to all the floors.  All existing mechanical systems within 5 feet of the building were removed to improve the new tenant spaces.  The building was provided with new air conditioning and ventilation equipment, fire sprinkler equipment, ductwork, controls, appurtenances, plumbing fixtures, potable cold & hot water piping, 120 Tons chilled water, water heating equipment, sanitary waste and vent piping systems along with other specialty equipment and appurtenances.  The mechanical system equipment designed in compliance with all Codes, Regulations, Government Requirements and Industry Standards.


The renovated spaces were transformed into office spaces, conference rooms, equipment rooms, bathrooms and other work related areas. Supporting facility work included replacing electrical substation/transformer, fresh water distribution system, fire sprinkler water lateral, and sanitary sewer laterals. The building’s security systems were also upgraded to Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (ATFP) requirements for standoff distances, access control gates, and signage.