U.S.S Arizona Memorial – Visitors Center

A $58 million project included a complete tear down and replacement of the USS Arizona Memorial Visitor Center. The project consists of construction of two theaters, two large exhibit buildings, welcoming lobby, ticketing counter, classroom building, education center, bookstore, office building, gift shops and toilet facilities.    The memorial was expanded 55 percent (from 11 acres to 17 acres) on the area’s waterfront.  The total new built area, shaded and enclosed is approximately 54,900 square feet.

Many facilities including the bookstore, education center, ticketing counter and exhibit buildings have open-air designs.  These occupied spaces were designed to take advantage of Hawaii’s trade winds to create natural, passive ventilation throughout the space.  When trade winds are not present exhaust fans are used to pull air inside and enhanced by ceiling fans which help move air throughout the space.   This movement of air provides the thermal comfort occupants require in order to feel comfortable in the space.  The memorial is Hawaii’s most popular tourist attraction, bringing in over 1 million visitors annually.  This made phasing a key element of this project to allow visitors access to parts of the memorial during construction.

MEH provided full design for HVAC, plumbing, fire sprinkler, and fire alarm systems for the project.

This project was awarded LEED Gold certification.