West Hawaii Civic Center – Prosecuting Attorney’s Office

West Hawaii Civic Center (WHCC) is located in the North Kona District of Hawaii County and was designed to consolidate major county departments and agencies under one roof.  The existing campus houses 22 county agencies and one State of Hawaii agency plus a number of community center spaces available to accommodate cultural events.  It is also a place of shelter during times of regional emergencies.  The buildings are connected by a series of on-grade stairways, walkways, and accessible ramps.


MEH was responsible for the building’s mechanical design and associated systems. The HVAC system is designed to ventilate and cool the new office spaces, restrooms, conference rooms, and server rooms with variable air volume handling units. The existing chiller plant consists of two 160-ton chillers and two rooftop cooling towers.  Direct digital control systems will be provided to enhance energy savings and controllability, and thermostats are to be located in each office and conference room for occupant comfort control.


A solar hot water heating system with electrical backup will be provided for restrooms, janitor’s rooms and showers.  Also remote sinks located in the Ohana rooms will be provided with electric point of use water heaters.  Fire protection systems will include automatic wet pipe fire sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers.